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Tel Aviv Beach
Each of Tel Aviv’s beaches has a different character, popular with different people looking each for a different beach experience.

The Tel Aviv beach stretches for miles along the whole western edge of the city. Yes, that’s one long Mediterranean beach! In the summer months especially, but also throughout the spring and fall, and even on the occasional winter day, the Tel Aviv beach comes to life with tourists and locals alike taking advantage of the sun-quenched sand, warm waters, and watersport opportunities. 


Hilton Beach


Near the Hilton Hotel in the north of the city, the Hilton Beach is known as the main Tel Aviv gay beach, as well as being popular with surfers and the city’s residents bringing dogs. A great beach to meet interesting people, this beach is fun no matter who you are. The beach has bathrooms, beach chairs, and volleyball nets, and can be accessed via a service road from Metzizim Beach. This beach is also very popular with surfers as a natural offshore reef creates a swell.

The service road also features the new Tel Aviv Beach Library, possibly the only beach library in the world, where the Tel Aviv Municipality have placed a portable public library where the public can borrow over 500 books freely. Books are in multiple languages including English.


Gordon-Frishman Beach


The Gordon-Frishman beach is right in the heart of Tel Aviv and whilst it is busy at weekends and all times during the summer, its a meeting point for Tel Aviv’s most trendy and beautiful, popular with those looking to pop along and sit in the sun for a while.


Banana Beach


Best for a drink, Banana Beach is popular with Tel Avivians and tourists alike. Low tables are set out on the beach, and people come here for a drink, to relax, to play matkot (an Israeli sport with paddles and a small ball) and to watch the always beautiful Tel Aviv sunset. 


Dolphinarium Beach


Maybe not the best general Tel Aviv beach, this beach is notable for its music festival each Friday. All sorts of drummers and performance artists come along making the beach a fun hub of activity at the start of the Israeli weekend. Popular with a young crowd, Dolphinarium Beach has an even more relaxed and laid back atmosphere.


Alma Beach


In the south of the city, Alma Beach does not have a life guard and as such is not as busy as some of the city’s other beaches. It is laid back and cool, however, and a fun place to chill out and enjoy your time in Tel Aviv especially if you are looking for somewhere a little quieter than the guarded beaches.


Enjoying the Tel Aviv beach


Everyone has their favorite Tel Aviv beach and once you find yours, it might become a second home for your time in the city. Whether you’re into surfing or just sunbathing, swimming, or the hour when the Tel Aviv nightlife spreads onto the beach, there is a Tel Aviv beach waiting for you to explore… Of course, there are other things to do in Tel Aviv!


Source: Tourist Israel




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