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Israel to lend a helping hand in upgrading India’s dairy farming industry
India can benefit greatly from Israel’s know how and state of the art technological advancements. The two nations are already collaborating on various projects in this endeavor.

India is probably the country with the largest cow population in the world, yet most of the country’s dairy farms operate using traditional methods. In a country where almost all regions are suitable for setting up dairy farming business, dairies are yet to be moderated on newest available technologies.


Most of the dairy farmers in India are raising animals in small-scale traditional methods. They are not aware about the modern farming methods and improved techniques for dairy farming. As a result, some farmers are losing their investment instead of being benefited.


However the Indian dairy industry might be facing a revolution, thanks to the well-coordinated bilateral efforts between India and Israel over beginning to plan and construct state-of-the-art dairy farms on the subcontinent.


Since its early days, the Dairy Industry in Israel has been transformed into an industrialized system, creating optimal integration between the production unit (the cow), technologies and equipment (engineering), the operator (the farmer) and the production environment (the dairy farm).


Both Israel government and technical entities is now gearing up for India to guide local dairy farms on proper business plan, well management and care which can ensure maximum production and profit from dairy farming business.


With many factors in common apart from climatic conditions, Israeli Dairy industry can provide first class, proven know-how & design, technology, equipment, genetic material; as the basis for the establishment / upgrading of the dairy industry in India.


Some recent announcements like Punjab to have advanced institute of dairy farming in collaboration with an Israeli firm Dairy Farming Solutions (DFS), proposed centre of excellence for milk at Hisar jointly by State of Haryana and State of Israel, MOU with Maharashtra Government for setting demonstration farms with world class dairy technologies are only some of the highlights which two countries are looking forward to streamline their path for Indian Dairy Industry.


Dairy farming no doubt has a huge scope and future is looking bright for cooperation between India and Israel in whole Dairy Industry Management package.


Now is the time to join the global dairy community in Tel Aviv, for the premier event on the dairy calendar. The IDF World Dairy Summit provides an irreplaceable opportunity for knowledge and networking in all aspects of the dairy chain.


Source: Embassy of Israel


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