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Israel Trade Mission delivers best practices in agriculture at a CII- ICAR Conference
Mr. Yoni Ben Zaken, commercial attache to the Embassy of Israel was the Guest of Honor at the conference on Optimal Utilization of Resources in Agriculture Conference in Gurgaon this August.

In early August, Israel Trade Mission was invited to speak at the conference on “Optimal Utilization of Resources in Agriculture”, organized in Gurgaon by Confederation of Indian Industries and Indian Council of Agricultural Research.


The conference discussed challenges in the water management related to the sustainable production in the Indian agriculture sector and presented views from policymakers and stakeholders. Focused on a very meaningful theme, the conference was attended by over 60 participants and, among them, a considerable number of governmental policy makers and other stakeholders.


Chaired as Guest of Honour in the event, Mr. Yoni Ben Zaken, commercial attaché, Embassy of Israel presented the Israeli know how and technologies in general and explained their relevance in Indian context highlighting the ongoing research and demonstration activities of Indo Israel Agricultural Cooperation project popularly revered by Centre of Excellences. He stressed on addressing an integrated approach on resources in the whole food chain as well as adapting cross-sectorial technological solutions, which can enhance sustainability and resource optimization in crop production.


Later addressing in a more focused session on Water Management: Drip Irrigation, Mr. Dan Alluf, Counsellor, MASHAV from the Embassy gave very informative and valuable inputs on the benefits of drip irrigation. He pointed out how one can achieve increased yield, optimum use of efficiency, uniformity, and increased sustainability with very basic installations.


Illustrating with examples in the aspect of irrigation regime in vineyards and system maintenance, Mr. Alluf pinned down on the need of better use of drip irrigation through team work between all stakeholders: research, extension, industry, state and Grower.


Continuing within the umbrella framework of Indo Israel Agricultural Cooperation project, the State of Israel has been on the forefront with NHM to share best practices and knowhow, to provide capacity building through professional training programs conducted both in Israel and in India. In words of commercial attaché “challenges in Indian Agriculture should be perceived as opportunities, Israel has now proved it in India through Center of Excellences and one can see ripples in the sector. The need of the hour is to explore, involve, adapt and implement.”


Source: Embassy of Israel 


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