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Israel's Bruno Art Group to host the works of Yaacov Agam
In one of the biggest art exhibitions in India, the Art Group will showcase top 30 works of the 86-year-old Yaacov Agam, a globally renowned artist and sculptor.

Israel's Bruno Art Group will start preparing to host one of its biggest shows in India, featuring the works of venerable Yaacov Agam. 


"The show of Yaacov Agam will be our biggest exhibition in and will be supported by the Israeli and French Embassies," Bruno Art owner and CEO Mr. Motti Abramovitz said, as the group opened its month-long exhibition here today. 


The show, to be held in New in November, would feature top 30 works of 86-year-old Agam, a globally renowned artist and sculptor. 

Agam, an Israeli who holds French citizenship, has been drawing since 1950s and is best known for his contributions to optical and kinetic art. 

His work has been exhibited in global cities including New York and Paris. 

Mr. Abramovitz said he would be working with Dr Alka Pande, the curator and manager of the Visual Art Gallery at Habitat Centre, and officials from the two embassies in to organize the exhibition. 

The three-week show would be held from November 10, followed by another exhibition of Israeli artists next year. 

The Tel Aviv-based group has held several "successful shows" in India in the last two years. 

"We have also participated in the Indian Art Fair and held a show last May in the Habitat Centre," he said. 

"Our shows have been very successful in India. Generally, the Israeli arts have a very good reception in India," Mr. Abramovitz told PTI. 

Mr. Abramovitz said more and more shows and exhibitions would be held in Asia, especially in Singapore, Hong Kong, Beijing and New Delhi in the coming years. 

"Our 2015 show in New Delhi will be more elaborate featuring works of young Israeli artists, including Eyal Radwinowitz and Roy Yariv," he said.


Source: Business Standard


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