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"My role is to create opportunities and seek partners for Israeli companies in India"
In an exclusive interview with Israel-India Business, Mr. Avi Luvton talks about his plans for Matimop in india and pairing Israeli firms with suitable Indian ventures.

An exclusive intreview with Mr. Avi Luvton, Executive Director, Asia Pacific at MATIMOP - The Israeli Industry Center for R&D. 


What is the main mission and vision of Matimop (in the Indian context)?


"MATIMOP is the executive agency of the Office of the Chief Scientist of the Ministry of Economy, charged with promoting international R&D cooperation between Israeli and foreign companies through access to funding and partner matching assistance. In an increasingly competitive and integrated global economy, companies that are able to develop mutually beneficial strategic partnerships with foreign partners enhance their opportunities for success in the market.

As one of the world’s largest and most dynamic economies, India in particular offers some of the most promising and exciting business and R&D collaboration opportunities for Israeli companies. However, bridging the gaps and overcoming what can be a high-risk, expensive proposition to develop new technologies with foreign partners can often exceed the capacity and capabilities of individual firms. That’s where MATIMOP and the Office of the Chief Scientist can help".


Could you please tell elaborate on your role in the Indian venture?


"In seeking to encourage technology and innovation ties between Israeli and Indian companies, MATIMOP implements a number of funding and partner matching programs with India. My role is to run those programs and create further opportunities and support tools for Israeli companies seeking to work with Indian partners and expand to the Indian market. Together with my dedicated team, we work to create new funding frameworks and partner matching programs, allowing Israeli and Indian companies the support they need to develop new technologies".


What kind of companies are you looking for in order to participate in i4RD?


"Companies of all sizes and from all technology sectors are welcome to apply for funding and partner matching support through our India-Israel Cooperation Programs. In order to be eligible to apply, an Israeli and Indian company must be working together to either develop a product/process/technology that is highly innovative with significant commercial potential, or to adapt/customize an existing product/process in order to meet the needs and conditions of the Indian market.  

To participate in our Karnataka Israel R&D program, Israeli companies must have a partner located in the state of Karnataka in India, that is small-medium sized".


From your perspective, what are the things that help doing business in India and what are the things that make it difficult?


"In order to be successful in India, the Israeli businessman must be determined, steadfast, and patient.

It is crucial to be patient and flow with the pace of business in India. You should learn their way and tools and embrace them; if you expect things to work like the way they do in Israel, and your behaviors and actions reflect that expectation, you may have more difficulty.

It is also extremely important to develop and maintain personal relations. Developing and nurturing personal connections is very important and one of the most enjoyable aspects of doing business in India. Visiting India frequently, and inviting your Indian colleagues to visit Israel as well, is the best way to nurture and maintain these connections. Face-to-face interaction is always important in building collaboration and business ties, but with India it’s a must".  


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