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Hebrew University seeks postdoctoral fellows from India
The program will be jointly funded by the Planning and Budgeting Committee (PBC) of the Council for Higher Education in Israel.

The Hebrew University is seeking excellent postdoctoral fellows India in all fields of research, and is offering fellowships to suitable candidates.

The amount of a fellowship will be no less than NIS 100,000 a year (equivalent to about $25000, depending on the exchange rate), renewable for up to three years. Starting date of the fellowship: October 1, 2015. The funding is divided so that the PBC pays 2/3 of the fellowship, and the sponsoring faculty member at the Hebrew University pays 1/3 of the fellowship.


Who is eligible to apply?

A citizen of India (who does not hold Israeli citizenship), and whose last academic appointment ended not before October 8, 2013 (PhD studies or postdoc). Applications will be accepted also if the thesis has been submitted but the degree not yet awarded, or the thesis will be submitted during the first year of the fellowsip (please submit the relevant documentation).

If the doctoral degree is not awarded by the end of the first year of the fellowship, the fellowship will not be extended.


Rules and Regulations of the fellowship:


The Candidate's commitments to the university:

1. To not undertake any paid employment, excluding teaching assistance in the university, which is contingent upon  written approval from the fellow's advisor. The teaching shall not exceed two weekly hours of instruction and only for a period of two years.

2. To request approval from the university for each suspension in research work of two months or more. The university shall not approve suspension of research for longer than one year.


The University shall make the following commitments to the fellow:

1. To not employ the fellow at the expense of the fellowship.

2. To provide the fellow with the necessary professional literature and research tools in a way that will enable optimal use of the duration of research.

3. To inform the fellow of the rules of the program and with the above obligations and rights.


What should be submitted?

1.    The completed application form (see below)

2.    Curriculum vitae, including diplomas of bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees.

3,     List of publications, including Impact Factor of the journals, if known.

4.    An abstract (up to 4 pages) of the candidate’s proposed research plan. Special emphasis should be placed on the collaboration between the candidate and the Hebrew University supervisor.

5.    An abstract (up to 2 pages) of your doctoral dissertation.

6.    Three letters of recommendation.

7.    A letter of commitment by a Hebrew University faculty member, stating his or her agreement to supervise the fellow. Letters that provide detailed and well-reasoned arguments will increase the chance of the candidate's application being accepted.

8.    If your PhD has not yet been approved, please provide an official letter stating when the thesis was/will be submitted and the anticipated date of award of the degree.

9.    The candidate's signed commitment to fulfill the rules and regulations of the fellowship (see above).


How to apply

The complete application materials should be sent by email directly to the Hebrew University faculty member who has agreed to support the application, no later than December 10, 2014.

For more information, or if you have any questions, please contact Judy Goldstein at

A list of Hebrew University faculty members and research areas can be found here:



Source: The Hewbrew University of Jerusalem


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