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India's Home Minister to discuss regional security-related issues on his trip to Israel
In his meeting with Israel's Prime Minister, Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu, Mr. Rajnath Singh will dicuss, intelligence sharing, counter terrorism, cyber space and tracking of illegal financial flows.

India's Home Minister, Mr. Rajnath Singh may impress upon Israel during his visit to Tel Aviv that a sustainable solution to the ISIS threat can be through a larger political approach to address rising radicalization in the region, rather than a purely military solution to the conflict. 

Mr. Singh, who is presently in France for an Interpol Meet, will visit Israel on November 5-6 for a bilateral dialogue. 

Sources in the government say Mr. Singh during talks will seek Israel Prime Minister, Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu's assessment on regional security-related developments, including ISIS. Singh is expected to stress that the only sustainable solution to the ISIS threat can be politically addressing the rising extremism and radicalization in the region and by building durable state institutions through a consolidation of political processes. "The Home Minister may impress during talks that there can be no military solutions to this conflict," a source said. 

However, India will express its willingness to cooperate in areas of intelligence sharing, counter terrorism, cyber space and tracking of illegal financial flows. Singh is also expected to seek Israel's assessment of the durability of the current Gaza ceasefire and prospects of larger peace process with Palestine. 

Both countries are expected to say that there is no justification for terrorism and will condemn it in all its forms and manifestations. Singh will also invite the Israel Defence Industry to take advantage of the new policies to manufacture in India as per Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi's 'Make in India' initiative and assure Israeli manufacturers of a simple regulatory framework here to obtain clearances within given time frame. 

Sources say Singh will also stress that India and Israel must sign a Free Trade Agreement that is under discussion since 2008, as there is a need to diversify their trade basket since trade volumes are not huge and dependent mostly on diamond trade. He is expected to ask Israel to revoke its decision of not granting short term visas, citing India granting one-yearlong visas with minimum documentation and employment visas within two weeks. "The Home Minister feels security and agriculture has been the mainstay of India-Israel relations but both the leading knowledge economies now need to move towards a high-tech partnership," a government source said. 

Mr. Singh will also emphasise on regular training and capacity-building programmes to be carried out for senior Indian officials engaged in internal security in order to develop their skills.


Source: Economic Times



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