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The Strongest Indian brands in 2014
Mr. Yoni Ben Zaken, Head of Economic and Trade Mission at the Embassy of Israel in New Delhi, India, recently came across an interesting article which listed the strongest brands in India.

TATA - brand equity for the year 2014 is $ 21 billion


Tata brand was up last year by about $3 billion, mainly due to the company's business strategy that favors expanding global operations and strengthening the brand of TCS, a leading software company owned by TATA. Tata's subsidiary companies operate in 8 different sectors: IT and telecommunications, automotive, engineering and infrastructure, materials, services, energy, consumer products and chemicals.



LIC - It is a Government insurance company with brand equity $4.1 billion

India's largest insurance company, provides diversified financial services - mortgage, medical insurance, micro-insurance for farmers and others. The seat of the company Bmovmai.


State Bank of India - brand equity worth $4 billion.


The largest government bank in India. Included in the index in the Fortune 500. Bank over 17,0000 offices in India and actively approximately 190 countries around the world.


Bharti Airtel- brand equity worth $3.8 billion dollars.


With an impressive presence in 28 countries around the world (South Asia, Africa and India), India's largest telecommunications company occupies a prominent place at the top of a list of brands. The company provides cellular services, wired internet, TV. Recently, the company tries its luck accessibility electronic wallet (using a mobile phone) among the rural population of India.



Reliance- brand equity worth $3.5 billion


India's largest conglomerate by revenue, mainly active in the field of infrastructure, production and refining of oil and gas, telecommunications, mining and more.


Other companies of note due to the significant appreciation of the value Motgn are huge Godrej consumer products, software services giant HCL and L & T the largest infrastructure company.

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