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Israeli Innovation for India's Mango cultivation
Israeli Mango expert, Mr. Eli Siemenski conducted a seminar in India as a part of the Indo-Israel Agriculture Cooperation project.

Source: Israel in india

Israeli Mango expert, Mr. Eli Siemenski was in India, from 26th October to 6th November, to organize a ‘Cluster Seminar’ at the Indo-Israel Centre of Excellence in Ladwa, Haryana. This Seminar was conducted under the framework of Indo-Israel Agriculture Cooperation project.

MASHAV, Israel's Agency for International Development Cooperation is providing professional leadership in the shape of experts, know-how and technologies. MASHAV’s agenda is "training the trainers"- identifying and training qualified local experts, who can take the project forward and spread the know how in their region. The stakeholders are NHM, states governments on the Indian side and MASHAV and Embassy of Israel on the Israeli side.

Seminars are held by Israeli experts both in India and in Israel as part of the agriculture cooperation between the two countries. There are presently 7 centers of Excellence on Mango Cluster in India: Dapoli and Aurangabad in Maharashtra, Ladwa in Haryana, Hogalgare in Karnataka, Talala in Gujarat, Vaishali in Bihar and Kannauj in Uttar Pradesh.  

Mr. Eli Siemenski was the lead speaker at the Seminar along with Dr. Mahesh Kulkarni, the Head of Mango Cluster and Dr. Pawan Kumar, the Head of Mango COE in Ladwa. The Seminar dealt with Canopy Management. Mr. Siemenski is an experienced Orchard Consultant with extensive expertise in plant protection, irrigation, orchard nursery management, desert agriculture etc. He trained the farmers on the following canopy and knowledge management and to improve the end result in better quality. 

During his visit, Mr. Siemenski also visited the Center of Excellence in Aurangabad, Maharashtra on 28th October and in Talala, Gujarat on 4th November.

Mr. Dan Alluf, Counselor, International Development cooperation (MASHAV), Science and Agriculture, Embassy of Israel in India said, “ We see mango as a key crop and therefore we invest in the Indo-Israel Agriculture Project and we dedicate 7 Centers of Excellence, out of 29, for this crop. We try to bring Israeli know how into India and through team working with our Indian partners we tailor cultivation techniques and solutions in order to increase productivity in the quality of fruits and in addition introduce new cultivars and agronomical concepts such as intensive orchards, irrigation, fertigation and more.”


Source: Israel in India

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