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Workshop on Economic Empowerment of Women
The Golda Meir Mount Carmel International Training Center (MCTC) together with MASHAV and the United Nations has organized a workshop on entrepreneurship for the economic empowerment of women.

Addressing gender equality and the empowerment of women, as well as increasing attention to economic and social development strategies are globally recognized as critical aspects of sustainable development. Women especially in rural areas - play a critical role in economies and societies in both developing and developed countries. Across the world, women have proven their commitment and resourcefulness in finding or adapting new ways to improve their own lives, as well as those of their families and communities.



In several countries, small and medium enterprises owned by women are growing at a faster pace than the economy as a whole and consequently become a significant engine for job creation and growth.



At the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) Summit in September 2010, countries committed themselves to “promoting small and medium-sized enterprises through initiatives such as skills enhancement and technical training programs, vocational training and entrepreneurial skills development” as well as “the promotion of financial services (...) for micro-, small- and medium-sized enterprises.”



However, female entrepreneurs tend to have smaller networks than their male counterparts. Hence, it is necessary to create systems at the national and local levels for information exchange, training and technical advice and for assisting women in dealing with governments, donors and international institutions.



While agriculture remains one of the main pillars of economy within most developing countries, new forms of income and employment opportunities have to be promoted. Encouraging agricultural based innovative ventures will help the advancement of women in rural areas. 


The Golda Meir Mount Carmel International Training Center (MCTC) has set mainstreaming gender as its main goal since its start, and the socio-economic support of women is one of the pillars of its activities. As part of MASHAV, MCTC shares Israel’s rich experience in innovation and entrepreneurship for the economic empowerment of women. It is within this framework that the present workshop is offered. 


The proposed training program aims at contributing to women’s empowerment by exploring aspects of entrepreneurship as a contributor to income generation and employment. The participants will be exposed to the various aspects of planning, development, and management of small businesses so that by the end of the workshop they will be able to facilitate the initiation, organization, and management of small businesses effectively and profitably.

During the training the participants will:

  • exchange know-how on different tools for fostering women’s entrepreneurial potential

  • widen their knowledge of support systems for small-scale entrepreneurs as a tool for regional and local development

  • discuss the position of women entrepreneurs at times of rapid global change

  • become familiar with agribusinesses in Israel

  • present a practical proposal for supporting women to start or improve a business in their own settings. 


The workshop will include professional lectures and visits on the following subjects such as entrepreneurial Training – Business Laboratories – How to start and manage a microenterprise, marketing and branding strategies for small businesses, women in business networking, support systems in Israel and best practices in promoting innovative entrepreneurship, rural Tourism, new trends in modern agriculture (technological advancements, nutritional concerns, water/energy management).

The workshop is geared towards policy-makers, professionals, and practitioners involved in socio- economic development, as well as representatives of women’s organizations. Candidates should hold an academic degree in related disciplines, and have at least five years of professional work experience in related fields. To apply for this workshop (20 April-7 May, 2015), which this site.


Source: MASHAV 



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