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Mapping the stakeholder in the Life Science Industry
Figures shows great potential for cooperation between Israel and India in the life science fields.

The Trade and Economic Mission in New Delhi have one target: Promoting Indo-Israel trade relations, while focusing on five different sectors, where we see great potential and need from both sides. Those sectors were chosen according to two factors: Great need from the local market, while having substantial competitive capabilities of the Israeli Industry. One of those sectors is the Medical Devices and Healthcare IT.



The raw figures are pretty straight to the point:

- 70% of India’s medical devices are imported from other countries.

- Growth rate in the healthcare sector is around 20%, in which most of
the growth comes from private organizations.

- A significant growth in the demand for high quality services.

- India has a growing medical tourism industry, ranked 15th in the world according to the medical tourism index which was recently published.

On the other hand: 

- The Israeli medical devices industry has more than 1,000 companies in the cluster.

- The industry is in the cutting edge of innovation, targeting western markets mainly.

- Exports from Israel to India are low – few dozens of millions of dollars.


The department recognizes a clear dissonance between the reality and the potential. We also believe that this gaps can be filled by understanding the local industry’s business behavior, and convey the processes information to Israeli Industry.


The department’s mission is mapping the stakeholder from both sides.



In India, The Trade and Economic Mission in New Delhi are targeting hospitals chains, clinics and labs, as well as leading importers and distributors which will partner up with Israeli companies, and will ease the market penetration efforts.



In Israel, The Trade and Economic Mission in New Delhi are trying to create channels for knowledge and relevant business information – tenders, opportunities and regulatory aspects.


In 2015, we are expecting few highlights in our activity. The MEDinIsrael conference and exhibition will take place in March 2015 and would attract hundreds of the world top stakeholders. In the dental domain, we are taking part in IDS Germany, where more than 60 Israeli companies are willing to meet Indian companies. We can expect business delegations traveling to Israel and India – a great platform for companies to interact.



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