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Rajasthan needs to adopt Israel’s water conservation techniques: Kiran Maheshwari
Rajasthan Water Resources and Public Health Engineering Minister said that during an interaction with an Israeli delegation, led by its Ambassador to India Daniel Carmon

Rajasthan Water Resources and Public Health Engineering Minister Kiran Maheshwari said her state should adopt water conservation and management techniques of Israel.

 During an interaction with an Israel delegation, led by its Ambassador to India Daniel Carmon, the minister said Rajasthan should learn the water conservation and management techniques from Israel.

  She apprised the delegation that the state government was running a number of surface potable water supply and conservation schemes in far-flung areas where water was scarce.

  Places where water is scarce or available with impurities, the state government had put up RO plants under its safe water drinking mission, an official spokesperson said, quoting the minister.

  During the interaction, Ambassador Carmon said Israel is well known in the world for its water purification and water supply schemes, and their management.

  There was only six to nine per cent water loss in Israel, he said, adding Rajasthan can follow Israel's water technique to check water seepage and water management.

  J C Mohanty, Principal Secretary of the Public Health Engineering Department, said since Israel and Rajasthan's geographical conditions were same, there could be exchange of technical know how and expertise.


Source: NITI Centeral

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