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Israel opens consulate in Bangalore

In October this year a Consulate-General of the State of Israel has been opened in Bangalore. It is headed by Mr. Menahem Kanafi. The Consulate team will deal with matters like economics and trade communications and the media – particularly new media, international cooperation, academic cooperation, and in general work towards developing closeness between the two nations. It will, of course, provide a range of consular services for Israeli nationals living of travelling in Southern India.


“Bangalore represents a world-class business centre, particular in the sphere of high-technology”, said Kanafi, the new Consul-General. “And the fact that Israel is opening its third Consulate reflects the importance that Israel places on its relations with India. There are only four countries in the world in which Israel has three representative offices or more – the US, Canada, China and now India!


“Israel  itself  is considered a high-tech 'superpower'”, continues Kanafi, “both countries are part of the triangle of the three ‘I’s, that includes Israel, India and Ireland, representing what is considered ‘The Global Silicon Valley’. The Consulate was established to promote direct and comprehensive connection.


“Our first task is to learn the map of Bangalore from the points of view of business, government and the media, in order to understand how to develop official, business and personal relations in the best possible way”, continues Kanafi. “This includes, first and foremost, getting to know the people of Karnataka and those of other States that the Consulate in Bangalore will be responsible for – Tamil Nadu and Kerala".


Easy access and availability for the business community


The Consulate in Bangalore will be the third official representative office of Israel in India, in addition to the Embassy in Delhi and the Consulate General in Mumbai. The establishment of an addition Consulate, according to Kanafi, was meant to strengthen the connection with States in South India. “Each State in India is different from the other. The establishment of the Consulate is aimed at strengthening the bonds between Israel and the southern States of India. Of course there is considerable interest for both sides in business activities in Bangalore, and that is why we felt that it is important to have easy access between the business communities on both sides.


“Among the services in the business ecosystem we will provide will be assistance to facilitating contact for the Israeli business community with their Indian counterparts, business cooperation, identifying business opportunities for Israeli and Indian exporters, investors, etc. Beyond this, we envision that in future the Consulate will also provide services to Israeli citizens, like passport services and authorization of documents, etc, in order to make it easier for Israelis living in, and to Israeli visitors to the region.

We will also be launching our own website which will have general information, including activities of the Consulate and those of Israelis in general, a page on Facebook which will have updates of interested parties and which will offer an opportunities for people to send feedbacks online, and thus build up an ‘interactive community’. Through Twitter, we will be in a position to respond to events and developments instantaneously, publicize forthcoming events of the Embassy and the Consulates – and all this directly to the telephones of our target audience, while of course not ignoring traditional media, radio, TV, etc.


“We are hoping and expecting that the Consulate in Bangalore will prove to be a cornerstone and will assist in further improving the relations and cooperation between peoples of both countries”, adds Kanafi.

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