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Joint Academic Program for Israel and India


In conjunction with improved cooperation between Israel and India, both countries announced lately about the launch of a long-term joint program to extend research and cooperation between the two countries.


The cooperation agreement formulated by joint Israeli-Indian work teams includes financing of joint research programs at up to $10 million annually - equally financed by both parties. The program is for an unlimited duration.


A joint steering committee will be established by the two countries to set policy, guidelines and joint areas of activity, review research topics and handle budget issues.


Some topics identified for research cooperation:

  1. Renewable and sustainable energy
  2. Climate and environmental sciences
  3. Botanical sciences and agricultural technology
  4. Computer sciences, algorithms, robotics, artificial intelligence
  5. Marine biology
  6. Biomedical research
  7. Information security / cyber security
  8. Brain research and cognitive sciences
  9. Photonics
  10. Communications technology
  11. Genomics, proteomics and bioinformatics
  12. Material sciences and nanotechnology
  13. Theoretical and experimental physics
  14. Social sciences and humanities
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