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India, Israel ink pact to boost tourism

India and Israel have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to boost their bilateral ties in the tourism sector, with Israel opening a tourism office in Mumbai and increasing the number of El Al flights to India. The agreement aims to increase tourism to and from Israel, India by half in the next three years.

 Over 40,000 Indian visitors coming to Israel per year, and equal number of Israeli citizens travelling to India. In order to double the number, Israel will open a new tourism office in Mumbai and will construct 200,000 new hotel rooms as well as increase the number of El Al flights, the Israeli air carrier, from three times a week to one per day.


Looking forward: Servicing the consumer through improving value for money

Since the beginning of 2012, we are noting a constant increase of more than 30% in the traffic of tourists from India to Israel. If the trend continues we will reach more to 50,000 tourists by the end of 2012.

There for, a combined committee worked out the planning for reducing the cost of vacation; Israel is reintroducing hotel ratings and classifications; Adapted Tourism Services Law is ready to be passed. We are dealing with the causes of decrease of incoming tourism: training, taxis, security checks and the quality of publications. We are improving the information to the tourists - site signage and use of technology platforms. We are mapping the tourist attractions, diversifying the products and improving the maintenance.

We are also adding hotel rooms in the short term, medium and long term, in order to respond to the demand. We are lowering the prices and focusing in adding hotel rooms in Jerusalem, the Galilee and Eilat. We offer incentives and encourage entrepreneurs to invest in the tourism industry, solving the problem of credit through the safety net arrangements and leveraging funds, and providing grants to encourage the expansion of capital investment. We are expanding the national priority areas, including the Dead Sea, the Carmel and other areas. We are transferring land planning and marketing from the Israel Lands Administration to the Ministry of Tourism.

Rural tourism – identified area of cooperation

Israel has gained substantial experience in the development of tourism in rural and peripheral areas, contributing to the local economic and offering employment opportunities. Sharing our experiences, will strengthen and diversify our tourism products. 

Farmers receive in certain areas financial aid for constructing or renovating Accommodation units and for establishing or converting an old farm site in agro tourism Projects.

 Rural tourism in Israel will reach, by the end of 2012, close to 9,000 units and more than 2,500 agro tourism attractions.


Sustainable tourism

Tourism Incubators assist in: Providing feasibility assessment; working out a business plans; analyzing an existing tourism venture;  counseling on marketing; raising funds from private/public sources.

Governmental agencies contribute 75% of the counseling fees. Since 1993 the tourism incubators have attended 4,500 projects and in the last two years, 400 new projects were annually promoted by this support system.

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