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NaanDanJain awards scholarships to Israeli citizens Indian art or culture
Ms. Sophia Solomon and Mr. Benjamin Djubass win 2014 awards

The NaanDan Jain Irrigation Company, an Indo-Israeli business venture providing innovative agriculture solutions worldwide, provides two annual scholarships for Israeli nationals who have already studied or practiced any form of Indian art or culture and wish to renew and enhance their learning through short courses at institutions in India or study with an Indian teacher (guru).  The value of each scholarship is 10,000 Israeli Shekels.


For year 2014, the scholarships were awarded to Ms. Sophia Solomon and Mr. Benjamin Djubass. Ms. Sophia Solomon is an Indian-origin Israeli. She is a versatile artist equally well-versed in vocal Hindustani classical music and Bollywood music. Her formal music training was under renowned Indian musician Suresh Wadeker.  Mr. Benjamin Djubass is an Israeli who plays the classical Indian string instrument Sitar. He learnt music from the well-known Indian artiste Ustad Shahid Parvez in Benaras. Mr. Benjamin has been performing in several classical music concerts, workshops, lec-dems and is also teaching sitar in Israel. 


Some of their performances can be watched by clicking following YouTube links:


Ms. Sophia Solomon:

Mr. Benjamin Djubass: 


The Jain scholarships which were set up in 2013 support Israeli artists who promote Indian art in Israel and thereby strengthen people-to-people linkages between the two countries.


Source: The Indian Embassy


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