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$33000 grant to promote Hindi in Israel
Indian diamond community in Israel announces scholarship to promote Hindi amongst students

Indian businessmen based in Israel have recently announced a grant of $33000 for students willing to learn Hindi at the Tel Aviv University. The grant was announced on the occasion of the World Hindi Day, in an endeavor to promote the language among the students at the University.  


Businessmen from the diamond trading community in Israel have sponsored this grant. The group will conduct a contest called " Kaun Bharat Jayega", which is on the lines of the famous Indian television show "Kaun Banega Crorepati." The contest winners will avail of this grant, which will support travel expenses of students, who excel in Hindi at the varsity, enabling them to visit India in order to hone their Hindi language skills during the next five years. The Hindi alumni of the University will accompany this group of students.


The World Hindi Day celebrations that took place at the University were attended by hundreds of enthusiast. Some of the participating students staged plays including Shakuntala, sang Bollywood songs, read Sanskrit shlokas and enacted scenes from Hindi films.


Speaking at the occasion, Mr. Ranjit Barmeja, a leader of the Indian diamond community in Israel, said that, it was a matter of pride for the Indian community in Israel to see so many people learning India’s national language and taking such great interest in the Indian culture.


The Indian community has been a part of Israel since the 1980s, before the establishment of formal diplomatic relations between the two countries and through this endeavor the community wants to contribute towards strengthening these bilateral ties.


Also present at the occasion was Mr. Jaideep Sarkar, India’s Ambassador to Israel, who said, “Foreign companies working in India have started to advertise in Hindi now, as they have understood that they can touch the hearts of 100 crore Indians only through Hindi. Those who know Hindi do have an edge while doing business in India”.


Mr. Sarkar also thanked Mr. Genady Shlomper, Hindi teacher at the University for he has been the flag bearer of Hindi language for decades in Israel and has wholeheartedly and selflessly served towards promoting the language.


Echoing these sentiments, the Dean of Humanities at the University, Prof Eyal Zisser, also announced instituting a fund to support field trip to India for students learning Hindi. The details will be worked out later by the department of East Asian studies where Hindi is taught along with Japanese and Chinese.


Source: PTI & Economic Times

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