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Israeli academicians share innovative learning techniques with schoolteachers in Maharashtra
The team was a part of an ideas exchange programme between Israel and India. Their main objective was to observe the school’s day-to-day operations and to discuss new methods of teaching

Academicians from Israel visited a Thane school as part of an idea exchange programme arranged by the state and coordinated by a non-government organization (NGO).

Five delegates visited Saraswati Secondary School, Naupada, on their way to address a conglomeration of teachers from the state on various methods of teaching.

"This is the first Indian school that we are visiting. We are here to interact with the state schoolteachers over innovative learning methods and also to understand how Indian schools function. There is a wide difference in the way schools function here as compared to the ones back home. Indian schools maximize the output with limited infrastructure," said Dr Shahaf Gal, an education expert from Tivon, Israel.

Four academicians, along with an Israel consulate member Mr. Matan Zamir and a representative of the NGO Observer Research Foundation, said they were impressed as they were exposed to several aspects of the school operations. The members who wanted to see how an Indian school functioned said they were left spell bound and interacted with students and teachers by sharing some education ideas.

The members told the assembly how schools in Israel have the flexibility to decide the syllabus and impart it to students. "The education ministry tells schools what has to be taught but they have the freedom to decide how to teach it. Also, the grading of students is majorly on presentations and the student's behavior," said Mr. Dov Kupperman, another visiting expert. The members shared information on teaching techniques with their counterparts before leaving for Pune where they will meet state education officials.

"The interaction with Israeli experts was fruitful. We got an insight about how they give priority to education in their country," said Mr. Surendra Dighe, Trustee of the school.

Source: Times of India


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