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Tel Aviv organizes an International competition for technology startups
Start Tel Aviv is a hunt for the best talent amongst the world’s rapidly developing tech startup community. The winners will be part of an intense mentoring program organized by the stalwarts in the startup industry in Tel Aviv.

Tel Aviv is a leading innovation hub with a local ecosystem of world-class tech talents, dozens of leading multinationals and hundreds of tech star startups. Start Tel Aviv is an International competition in the framework of which startups from different countries will compete for the opportunity of a 5-day intense startup experience to learn from the startup ecosystem in Tel Aviv.


The prize is a paid trip where the 13 startup founders winners from around the world, joined by local Israeli entrepreneurs, to participate in "Start Tel Aviv" during the DLD Festival week, and participants will have the opportunity to meet the coolest and smartest companies, techies, startups, designers, artists, scientists, investors, and cultural drivers from Israel and abroad.


At Startup Tel Aviv


Day 1: Mentoring, Industry & Professional meets, M&A opps

Day 2: Pitch to Investors and VCs. Visit to Cities Summit Conference

 Day 3: Tel Aviv DLD Conference

 Day 4: Open Startup event across the city

 Day 5: Touring Israel: A visit to Jerusalem and the Dead Sea


The criteria for the participating candidates are very simple. The participants should be between the age group of 25 to 40 years. In addition to this, the technology startups that plan to take part in this competition should work in the either web, mobile or security systems. The sectors are restricted to these three specialties only.


Through this competition, Tel Aviv is taking a quantum leap, promoting entrepreneurs, hi-tech and startups, on the backdrop of a cutting-edge art scene, beautiful beaches, outdoor cafes, urban grit, and a thriving culinary scene. Hence, the parameters for judging the competition are mainly based on innovation, team spirit, business and creativity. The participants will get a chance to showcase their creativity with the help of an entry video, which will talk about the worthiness of the startup to be a part of the five-day tour at the DLD Festival Week. In order to be shortlisted for the competition, each company will have to submit a 45 second clip explaining, "Why should my startup go to Tel Aviv, Israel?" (this should be the first slide of the clip). Early submissions will be promoted on Social Media. Companies can send in their entries by July 7th and the last date to receive video entries will be July 25th 2014.


Process of B-plan Competition - Run by TiE Delhi – NCR

Source: Embassy of Israel in India


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