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Israel extends support for product adaptation projects in emerging markets
The Government of Israel together with the Office of the Chief Scientist has devised a new program to fund projects in product adaptations in India and other emerging countries.

The Israeli government and the Office of the Chief Scientist have taken significant steps in recent years to promote cooperation with and penetration into leading target markets such as India among other emerging markets.


One of the primary barriers for advancing cooperation with China, India and Brazil, however, is the fact that many Israeli companies develop and design their products primarily for western markets. Since the needs and requirements in these target countries do not necessarily match those of the western market, often times further development, research or trials are required in order to adapt and customize such products to the markets of China, India and Brazil.


Hence, the Office of Chief Scientist (OCS) has developed a new program track offering funding support for “product adaptation” in China, India and Brazil.


This new program track expands on the existing OCS support for industrial R&D (through the OCS R&D Fund). In addition to traditional R&D projects aimed at the development of new, innovative and R&D-intensive products, Israeli companies are also eligible for funding support for projects focused on the adaptation and customization of an Israeli company’s product to the target market, including but not limited to:

  • Adaptation of product in consideration of local cultural considerations

  • Adaptation to local conditions, such as climate, infrastructure etc.

  • Regulatory considerations, particularly for foods and drugs

  • Reduction of price to customer by the utilization of local components

  • Reduction of price to customer by downgrading performance

  • Establishment of beta-sites

  • Security considerations, such as removal of components requiring permission from the Ministry of Defense


There are two options available to companies that would like to apply – with or without a foreign partner:


Without a Foreign Partner – Direct to OCS:


Although the Israeli company may be working in partnership with a foreign company or working with a foreign company as a subcontractor (which is actually recommended), under this track it is only the Israeli company itself that applies for and directly receives funding. The company can apply, at any time, directly to the Office of the Chief Scientist’s R&D Fund, following the standard rules and regulations of the OCS. Under this track, only the Israeli partner would receive funding.  

With a Foreign Partner – Through MATIMOP:


This track expands on a number of existing bilateral cooperation programs implemented by MATIMOP, which have traditionally only provided support for collaborative industrial R&D projects aimed at the development of new and innovative products or processes. Now, under select bilateral programs, Israeli companies and foreign companies will be eligible for funding support also for projects focused on the adaptation and customization of an Israeli company’s product to the target market. Under such programs, both the Israeli and foreign partner are eligible for funding, provided in parallel by the OCS in Israel and the foreign counterpart. Companies can only apply during open calls for proposals under the participating programs.  Please check with the relevant program manager to check if your project is eligible.

Source: Matimop




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