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2014-15 – Special edition – MedTech, Pharma & Biotech

Pace of technological development in India and implementation of medical technology products, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, are the fastest in the world today. Collaborate these with the Israeli innovative and cutting edge medical technologies, Pharma & Biotech can bring both nations to a rapid growth. A special edition has been produced in order to reveal all the new technologies, opportunities and options to collaborate.


2014 – Special edition – Agriculture & Water

Cooperation between Israel & India in the agriculture and water fields has vast potential and many initiations have been established in these fields. A special issue has been produced, revealing all the new technologies, options and cooperation, among them, the Indo-Israeli agricultural cooperation project.




2013-14 – Special edition – Defense, HLS & Aerospace

The cooperation between Israel and India in the fields of Defense, HLS & Aerospace has increased during the past years, due to Threats from outside and from within in  both countries. A special edition has been produced, revealing all the interesting technologies and opportunities in both countries.



2012 Edition – General Issue

In order to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Israel-India diplomatic relations, a third edition of Israel-India Business Guide has been produced. In this edition we can see that the ties are strengthening even further. A second consulate has been opened in Bangalore and an Israeli tourism attaché has been appointed.



2010 Edition – General Issue

Following the success of 2008 issue of Israel-India Business Guide, a second issue has been produced. This general guide suffered from the global financial crisis, but showed the development of Agro parks and high-tech cooperation between both countries.



2008 Edition – General Issue

In order to celebrate 15 years of trade relations between Israel and India, the Israeli embassy in India has produced, via "Paprika Productions ltd", the first edition of   Israel-India Business Guide. As you can see, many Israeli real estate companies appear in it, which in the meantime suspended their activities in India. Moreover, the guide was produced before the 2008 financial crisis, and contained many Israeli and Indian companies.




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